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Five Interior Painting Trends for 2017

Our Residential Painting Contractor Can Advise You on Achieving a Modern Home Interior

If you want to refresh the colors of your interior walls but you want to update your home to a more trendy and chic boho look, we recommend you to take advantage of the tips which our residential painting contractor offers you for free in this post!

Here are some of the styles which will be trendy in 2017:

  1. A combination of shocking bright colors. Green, ciklama pink, navy blue, and bright yellow are no longer foreign to each other. You can combine them in their brighter nuances all in one room without being afraid that they will not look good together.

  2. Accent walls. Adding 1 or two contrast walls to the main paint color of your family room or bedroom can make it look much cozier and colorful. Don’t be afraid to express your creativity! The best thing about the painting trends in the next few years to come is that they allow a lot of experimenting.

  3. Colorful ceilings. Except with accent walls, you can also experiment with accent ceiling, but avoid doing it in small rooms as this may make you feel a bit claustrophobic.

  4. Rustic look. Vintage, retro-style walls can be a perfect addition to your home. In order to find rustic paints to match your interior, you will most probably need to consult a residential painting contractor.

  5. Chalkboard paint accents. You can use this in your kitchen for writing recipes and reminders of your daily tasks; in the living room area for being able to draw different interesting pictures and leave important messages to your family members; or in your kid’s room to allow your children to draw with chalkboard and express their creativity without being afraid that they can cause any permanent damage to your walls.

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