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Tried Everything to Remove the Mold from Your Bathroom?

Will an Experienced Painting Contractor Know Which Mold Resistant Paint Is Good for Bathrooms?

An experienced painting contractor recommends using mold resistant paint in bathrooms, however, kitchens and basements sometimes suffer from moisture which could harbor mold and mildew too. A paint which contains a chemical mildewcide or fungicide, will prevent mold from coming back. Primers which block stains and mildew should be used in combination with a wall coating. Pre-existing mold has to be cleared before painting can start, and good ventilation and care are a sure fire way it doesn’t come back.

When choosing paint, read the label to see if the paint contains only approved mildewcide. Latex or acrylic are better due to the fact some species of mildew eat oil based paint. Quality paint is expensive, and the cheaper one will not be so effective. Most paint comes with some kind of guarantee, which is also preferable. Adding a separate mildewcide can be done to standard paint if the color and brand you chose do not contain it.

Before using any paint, the surface which is going to be painted has to be totally free of any pre-existing mold and mildew; otherwise, it will just eat through the coating again. The surface needs to be washed using bleach and water before painting and then permitted to dry completely. A more eco friendly solution to this is using vinegar and water and then scrubbing the area using baking soda and vinegar. The vinegar and water can then be kept in the bathroom and used after every shower.

Toxic varieties of mold will have to be cleared off by your experienced painting contractor before using a mold resistant paint. The mildewcides found within commercial coatings are usually too gentle to destroy the worst types of mold, and removal can be difficult for homeowners suffering from allergies or asthma. Should mold spores be present within heating and air systems, they have to be completely cleaned, or the mold will just come back again.

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