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Why Using a Primer First Is so Important

Will Your Residential Painting Project Use Base Coat?

Sometimes known as a base coat, a primer will be the first application of paint a residential painting provider will use on a surface. The primary function of priming is ensuring any further layers of paint will stick to the surface correctly. Plus, using a base helps provide extra coverage, which often makes multiple coats of paint unnecessary and offers protection for the paint and the underlying surface.

Primer is formulated to adhere to different kinds of surfaces. Some are designed to bond with metallic surfaces, while others to work with masonry, like concrete floors or walls. Choosing the right one will make a big difference with how a final project turns out.

Most primers are white or off white.They are applied with a roller or brush in many cases; however, there are some which can be applied with a paint gun. The idea is to cover the area which will be painted. Due to the light coloring, this first coat makes it possible for a residential painting provider to paint over darker surfaces using a lighter color, which means there will be less potential for darker shades to bleed through the lighter color.

A basic method when using a primer is mixing a small amount of the paint to it before beginning to paint. This can be helpful when the original color of the surface is much darker than the new color chosen for the surface. Doing this means there is an excellent chance of needing less coats in order to create a more uniformed and attractive top coat.

Cleaning brushes and rollers that were used to apply primer requires nothing more than the cleaning of brushes that were used to apply normal paint. Depending on the primer, water could be enough. However, with other cases, a stronger cleaning agent could be required.

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